Transforming Lives and Communities


     Impact Warriors is a mentoring initiative that was developed in October 2012. This initiative was birthed from the annual summer youth program, RELEASE, that Indian Ministries of North America, Inc. began in 2009. IMNA is committed to see a transformation in the lives of today's youth and in their communities. Our mentors, from all across the country, work with Native youth on a weekly basis, and help them with a variety of things such as: life skills, self-worth, community involvement, tutoring, and social skills.

     Indian Ministries of North America has a real passion to see the youth of today live a more complete and productive life. We have made a commitment to accomplish this through the youth mentoring initiative, Impact Warriors. Working with adult mentors, the program strives to build self-confidence and self-worth through projects that will transform their personal life, as well as, their communities. They will also work to transform lives and communities around the world. Four areas of study for Impact Warriors are: Citizenship, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Employment.

Community Development
     Today's youth need to realize they can make a positive impact in their community. Many of the problems that confront them on a daily basis are able to be solved through communication and group discussions. Leaders for Impact Warriors will help guide them through the processes of identifying problems, finding solutions, creating budgets and implementing the process to transform our communities.